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Refrigeration doors

Cold storage doors are manufactured by ARM for over 10 years. Due to an advanced production technology, the product is highly regarded by our customers in Poland and many European countries.

Stainless steel and composite materials guarantee light weight and durability. ArmorTuf® polyester liner is the only material with Surfaseal® protective finish available on the market. It features impact resistance several times higher than steel sheet, and is twice as light as 0.5 mm steel sheet.

Cold storage doors accessories:

• handles
• locks
• hinges
• pulls
• profiles and seals

The offer is aimed at customers, who need to replace worn door components or assemble complete doors from ordered components.


High-speed roll up doors
Arm introduces self repairing high-speed roll up doors to its offer aimed at food processing plants. The doors can be used in food processing plants, cold stores and retail stores.

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